Beaconsfield is a family run Holiday Park that has been thoughtfully developed from an 80 acre farm to become the prestigious 5 star Park it is today.

From farm land to relaxing oasis

The Poole family extensively developed the area from farm land to the peaceful holiday setting it is today. From the first year that we opened, over fifteen years ago, we received our 5 star rating and have maintained it until this very day. We take pride in maintaining Beaconsfield to a high standard and feel that we offer a personal welcome to our guests.

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Creating the perfect home away from home

We are always thinking how we can improve Beaconsfield, and are pleased to have made the addition of our Lodge Park with in the last 7 years, we are excited about the future and allowing more people to enjoy the beauty that our park has to offer.

We hope that you get as much enjoyment from Beaconsfield as we do!

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