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Buying a Luxury Lodge FAQ’s

The following document is intended to assist the prospective lodge owner through the purchase decision making process and explains how the law may affect the buyer of a lodge at Beaconsfield and the rules and regulations that apply to making the site a peaceful and pleasant place to holiday in.

It also covers the issues most frequently asked about the site and the process of purchasing a lodge.

The purchase of a lodge differs in many ways from ‘bricks and mortar’ housing. Although lodge owners do not own the land on which they have their lodge sited, they do have the right to use their lodge for the extent of the licence agreed.

Legal conveyancing is not required: there is no land title to transfer thus no land registry fees and no stamp duty. Therefore, there are no obligatory legal charges. However if you feel that you need help or legal advice, you should seek it from a solicitor or other qualified body.

According to the industry Code of Practice, you have the right to a written agreement for siting the lodge and rights concerning the inheritance and sale of the lodge.

If it is your wish to purchase a lodge here at Beaconsfield, we will ensure that you will receive all the documentation required.

Before you progress any further it is important that you understand the following.

No holiday lodge may be used by any occupier as their main or sole residence and no owner of a holiday lodge is permitted to give Beaconsfield as their address for the purpose of registering on the Register of Electors at Shrewsbury and Atcham Borough Council.

Each owner of a holiday lodge must give the management of Beaconsfield their current home address and any change of home address and the address of the authority at which the owner is registered on a Register of Electors. This information must be updated annually when the annual fee is payable and the same obligation passes to the new owner of a lodge e.g. on a sale or the death of a lodge owner.

Buying a Country lodge:

Should you wish to purchase a holiday home here at Beaconsfield there are two possible routes to follow:

(1)   Buying a show lodge

There are generally two advantages to buying a show lodge:

  • They are available for occupation immediately and so involve little or no lead times.
  • We often find that prices have risen when ordering a new lodge, due to lodge designs and specifications continually evolving. So ordering a new lodge for you is likely to prove a little more expensive.

Should you wish to purchase a show lodge, our preference is for you to make one single payment for the lodge in its entirety. Alternatively, you may prefer to place a non-refundable 10% deposit to secure the lodge for 28 days whilst giving a little more time to pay the balance.

The above represents our ideal terms. Should there be a need to tailor these then we would endeavour to do so.

(2)   Ordering a new lodge to your own specification:

We prefer not to take deposit initially. Rather, we will work with you on the design of your lodge and when all the key decisions of your lodge have been made we will ask the manufacturer to provide the drawings, an accurate specification list and a firm price to us. At this point we will be able to provide you with the exact price of your chosen lodge on your chosen plot. Should you then wish to proceed we will require a 25% deposit to secure your plot and commission the manufacture of your lodge. This deposit is non-refundable.

At this stage we will agree a broad timescale for completion and handover of the lodge. As a guide, you may expect approximately 18 weeks from the payment of your deposit.

The lodge will then be manufactured and delivered to the site here at Beaconsfield. We will advise you as to the progress and when the lodge is sited and ready.

You then pay the balance due and can collect the keys to your new holiday lodge. Ownership of the lodge does not pass to the customer until the total amount due in respect of the lodge is paid in full.

In the event that the lodge purchase is not completed in accordance with the agreed timescale and appears unable to be completed imminently, we reserve the right to make the lodge available for general sale. Should you subsequently be in a position to complete the sale and the lodge is still available, the sale may proceed as originally agreed, at our discretion. In any event, your original deposit may be transferred to another lodge, provided the original lodge ordered for you has been sold.

The Site License

The local authority has issued planning permission and a site license to Beaconsfield. This licences requires Beaconsfield to observe a number of standards which apply to the site, relating for example to health and safety, fire safety, electrical installations, sanitation and the spacing between lodges.

The purchaser must agree not to do or omit to do anything , which might put Beaconsfield in breach of the site license or planning consent applicable to the operation of the park or of any other statutory or regulatory requirement or of any bye law or regulation.

If you have any concerns regarding the site license or rules and regulations, or any of the issues raised we would always be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

Pitch Fees and Reviews (Ground Rent)

The pitch fees are £2,900 per annum. This fee is payable on the 1st January each year. The pitch fee covers such things as routine repairs and maintenance to the park, maintenance of the utilities and services, removal of rubbish and a contribution towards local rates. You can expect the pitch fee to be reviewed on an annual basis, and will normally increase in line with inflation. Water Rates are £144.00 per annum and are included on you ground rent bill.

Services (Electricity and Gas)

Water, electricity and gas are metered and paid for by the lodge owner as used on a half yearly basis.


Insurance can be arranged through Beaconsfield who have a block policy available. However, should you prefer, you are free to arrange your own.

Reselling the Lodge

You have the right to sell your lodge, either privately or to Beaconsfield. There is no obligation for you to sell your lodge to Beaconsfield although we may well be interested in purchasing it from you. Before a sale can proceed the lodge owner must notify Beaconsfield in writing of their intention to sell and the price required. Beaconsfield may be able to assist you with the sale, or offer advice where appropriate. Beaconsfield may agree special arrangements where, for example, the lodge owner is selling because of ill health or other difficult circumstances.

Lodge owners may agree a fair price for their lodge with a prospective customer. Whilst they are free to conduct this negotiation themselves if they wish to do so, they must keep Beaconsfield fully informed of the negotiations as Beaconsfield are entitled to a transfer fee based on the sale price. The rate payable for this transfer fee is 10% of the sale price or fair market value. The amount of transfer fee payable is restricted by an order made by the Secretary of State, currently 15%, but we have decided to charge only 10%.

The transfer fee is not comparable with commission payments made to Estate Agents etc. rather; it reflects the fact that the pitch and the amenities of the park add to the resale value of the lodge. Transfer fees supplement the income Beaconsfield receives from pitch fees: without them, pitch fees would be higher. Considerable investment is necessary to develop and maintain a licensed lodge estate. A reasonable return on this investment is essential to ensure that the park continues a viable concern in the interests of both lodge owner and Beaconsfield.

Buying a lodge from an existing Lodge Owner

Because this is a new park and the lodges will all be sold as new, it is not envisaged that any of the lodges will be sold again for some years, however there will come a time when existing lodge owners will want, for whatever reason, to sell and the following guidelines should assist.

When you buy from an existing lodge owner on the park, the agreement with Beaconsfield must be transferred to you without alteration to its terms and conditions.

You will be entitled to a new agreement reflecting the length of the original agreement i.e. you will get the benefit of the remaining period of the initial license. Therefore, you should make sure that you understand the terms of the agreement (The Site Licence and Site Rules) which set out the rights and responsibilities you are taking on as a lodge owner including the current pitch feed that apply to that agreement. Beaconsfield’s consent shall be required for you to purchase from the existing lodge owner.

What happens if I die?

If the lodge owner was living with his/her husband or wife when the death took place, then the surviving partner can inherit the lodge and the rights for the lodge under the licence agreement with Beaconsfield. In this way the surviving partner can continue to use the lodge on the park. Under these circumstances no money should change hands and equally no transfer fee will be payable.

A member of the lodge owner’s family may also inherit the lodge and the rights of the licence agreement, so long as this does not contradict the park rules or terms of the licence agreement – for example, the family member should be within the age range permitted to own a lodge on the park i.e. over 18 years of age and assumes the terms and conditions regarding ground rent and insurance are met.

The licence agreement defines who counts as a member of the lodge owner’s family. Again under these circumstances no money should change hands and equally no transfer fee will be payable.

If no family member was living with the lodge owner when he or she dies, then the person who inherits the lodge will have the right to use it within the terms of the licence agreement.

Unforeseen and other circumstances may require a discussion with Beaconsfield’s management.

Change of Ownership of the Park

A change of ownership of the park will not affect your statutory rights or those contained within your licence agreement.

Can I get a mortgage on a Holiday Lodge?

Long-term holiday home investment loans are available from several sources. Should you wish to pursue this route then contact Beaconsfield’s office for further information.

Can I use all the facilities at Beaconsfield?

Yes, however some facilities may carry an additional charge.

Will the facilities be available all year?

Facilities such as the swimming pool and restaurant will be closed during January.

What happens if there is a problem?

The lodge owner with a complaint is advised in the first instance to take his/her complaint directly to Beaconsfield. Beaconsfield will use every endeavour to assist in the settlement of complaints or problems arising on the park.

Can I sub-let the lodge?

No, only the lodge owner, family and friends may use the lodge.

How long is the licence agreement for?

The length of the licence being offered with the sale of the lodge is 20 years. With an additional option of extending to 30 years at the cost of £1,000 per year, within the first 3 years of the agreement.

Ground Rent (11 months)

£2,900 inc VAT

Water Rates

£144.00 Per Annum

Gas and Electric


What Our Clients Say...

Such a Lovely Place

"Thank you so much for all your support and kindness. So much appreciated especially by enabling the sale of my caravan to be so smooth and uncomplicated. I do hope that Russell's mother in law enjoys her purchase.

Your holiday park is such a lovely place and Ray and I have some wonderful memories of our time spent there. You have created such a special, peaceful and professionally run environment with warm and friendly family and staff who provide such excellent service. The added delights of a fantastic restaurant, swimming pool, fishing lake(especially loved by Ray!) etc. etc. make this a perfect park.

Whilst I feel unable to caravan any more, I have every intention of continuing to visit Beaconsfield in the future by booking into one of your lodges instead.

Warmest wishes - F.

Perfect Meal 

"We ate in the restaurant on Friday evening and the chef and his team provided the BEST meal that we have had out for a long, long time. I must confess that I am very critical of restaurants that cut corner side,ie,cold plates,skimpy portions etc, but this meal was PERFECT. I am known within my family as only eating what I feel meets a standard. I was very pleased with my Black Pudding starter, the mustard sauce was brilliant! When our main courses arrived we were both impressed with the presentation and the quality of the food.The gammon was superb and my wife's chicken tikka was succulent and tasty. This team deserve all the praise that everybody was giving them and we look forward to our next meal." - Mike F.


"A last minute break and what a wonderful experience it was an immaculate lodge with first class facilities and the added bonus of a hot tub. I couldn't fault any part of our stay spotless, peaceful and have to say being 18+ only was a nice experience. I look forward to returning and would recommend highly..."

Beautiful well kept caravan site. Highly recommended

"Stayed on this site for a weekend break with my touring caravan. What a fabulous find. Will certainly be returning. It is immaculately maintained. A credit to the owners and staff . We had a swim in the indoor pool which was great too. The site is very pretty, lots of flowers and trees. The lake is beautiful too. You cannot hear any traffic noise, it's well away from any roads. Very peaceful. Not far from the park and ride into Shrewsbury..."

Relaxing mid week break 

"Greeted by friendly staff, arrived at the spotless clean lodge, flowers and a bottle of wine waiting for us!! Yes there are a few rules but this is how they maintain such a clean peaceful holiday park. Hot tub was a delight. The New Inn pub at the top of the road is a little dated but wonderful well priced food well worth a visit. Close by a carvery, Frankie's and Bennie's and a 24 hour Tesco. my husband also visited Total Angling to get his fishing bait which is near Tesco he really enjoyed the fishing and they are happy to agree a price for fishing every day. Looking to return for a December break.."